A UI component library, crafted precisely for Ruby devs who want to stay organised and build modern apps, fast.

Built for Speed

Dive into a world where your Rails UI development happens at light speed. Phlex is not just fast - it's blazing fast.


Faster than traditional Rails ERB templates

Speed Tests

Huge thanks to @KonnorRogers for running these tests




ERB Templates


UI that... Wow!

Design stunning, streamlined, and customizable UIs that not only look great but sell your app without you lifting a finger.

Stay Organized

Say goodbye to clutter. With Phlex, your UI components are not only organized, but also easy to manage and track.


Find the perfect component

Each component is embedded live on the page so you can find exactly the design you want.


Copy the snippet

Click the "Code" tab to see the code for a component and grab the part that you need, or click the clipboard button to quickly copy the entire snippet in one step.


Make it yours

Every component is built entirely out of Tailwind utility classes, so you can easily dive in and adjust anything you want to better fit your use case.

Customer-Centric UX

Create an app experience your users will rave about. PhlexUI ensures that your user's journey is nothing less than memorable.

Completely Customisable

Have full control over the design of all components.

Minimal Dependencies

Keep your app lean and mean. With PhlexUI, we use custom built Stimulus.js controllers wherever possible - less package dependencies to worry about.

Reuse with Ease

Avoid the hassle of constantly reconstructing components. With Phlex, once built, use them seamlessly as needed.